Vista Mar
Spiritual Cowboys don’t sweat the small stuff.

As the exhausted crew approached Vista Mar, the Panamanian marina that was to be the final stop on their 2000 mile voyage, they had their course perfectly plotted. But, as Mother Nature likes to remind anyone who dares to plan, they were not in charge.

The captain steered the boat into the Gulf of Panama and, with only 50 miles between them and dry land, the wind and waves kicked up. The sun hung low in the sky and with the wind working against them, they realized they would have to spend another night at sea. There was nothing left to do but put the sails up and catch whatever push they could to get them closer to Vista Mar.

Then, maybe a reward for heeding Mother Nature, the wind changed. They took it as a sign, trimmed the sails, and went for it.

Finally docked after a long day, the crew headed to the marina’s restaurant in search of sustenance. Someone asked for a burger – sold out. Someone asked for a chicken sandwich – sold out. Someone asked for tacos – sold out. Finally, they settled on a round of fish soup.

The waiter returned just minutes later – they were out of fish soup. The crew could have been annoyed but instead, they figured it was another sign – this time to forget dinner and order another drink. Cheers!

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