There’s this force in the universe that brings people together at just the right time. It brought together the Spiritual Cowboy crew – and then, in Tapachula, it brought the crew together with Memo and Gabo.

Guillermo, or Memo, the harbormaster at Marina Chiapas, is a guy you need to know. He knows everyone and can help you find whoever or whatever you need. He’ll take you to meet the Port Captain, to find a part, or to restock your bar.

On this particular day, the Spiritual Cowboy crew needed a photographer. Of course, Memo knew one of the best.

Memo introduced the crew to Gabo, an incredible photographer and videographer who immediately saw their vision and knew how to capture it. Gabo, in turn, knew just the right people to fill Spiritual Cowboy’s clothes with life and just the right places to set them against – out on the water, on the palapa-dotted shores of Playa Linda, against the thick mangroves of the Chiapas coast.

Spiritual Cowboys seem to attract other Spiritual Cowboys, and it’s those fortunate meetings, those kindred spirits, that lead to the best adventures.

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