Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to see, and touch, and share in the things they pour their hearts into.
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Camelia pours her heart into her craft. She makes gear for boats - line bags, hatch covers, leather chafing gear, cushions - things you would probably consider utilitarian - unless you knew Camelia.

Camelia’s real skill is making something ordinary extraordinary. She puts incredible care into each piece, working it by hand, making sure everything she creates is both functional and beautiful.

The Spiritual Cowboy crew has met some really talented craftspeople along their travels, and Camelia is one of the best. Her passion and pride in her work are unmatched. And while the things she makes are necessary and not frivolous, they’re more art than mere equipment.

ColsenKeane makes the bags, Spiritual Cowboys give them a life of adventure.

Camelia outfitted the crew’s sailboat with things she made by hand just for them. Now, as they pull in lines, ready the winch, or sink into a seat to take in the view, they are reminded of Camelia, of the importance of doing whatever you’re doing with love, and of the beauty in the everyday.