Founder's Story

There is plenty of talk about the road less traveled.

It’s a good choice. For some.

For the founders of Spiritual Cowboy, the road less traveled has been taken enough.

Craig and Houston Spiritual Cowboy Founders

Spiritual Cowboy is an attitude, a way of life.

It’s about cutting new trail, exploring unknown ports, and soaking up people and experiences that expand your being.

The idea for Spiritual Cowboy was born as Craig and Houston, two of the founders, traveled around places like India and Mexico, picking up vibrant pieces of clothing, hand-woven scarves, and hats shaped just right – pieces that spoke to them and the lifestyle they lived.

Getting ready to go out one night back in Texas, Craig threw on a hat he bought in New York City, a gauzy tunic picked up at a textile market in India, and the quintessential Texas blue jeans and boots combo. Houston told him he looked like a spiritual cowboy, and suddenly, their driving ethos had a name.

Craig and Houston mused about creating a Spiritual Cowboy clothing brand and sharing their finds with the world, but decided it wasn’t for them.

Over the next few years, Craig and Houston would meet Chris (wristband titan and online retailer extraordinaire), Shrimayi (wildly-talented fashion designer) and Dietmar (boat captain, logistics expert, and fashion website guru).

Craig and Houston may not have been ready to launch Spiritual Cowboy on their own, but the Universe had assembled a dream team and the synergies were impossible to ignore.

Dietmar Petutschnig Founder

Together, these five kindred spirits built Spiritual Cowboy, sourcing distinctive clothing and accessories from all over the world for those who are unafraid of seeing – and doing – things a little bit differently.

Each of the founders is a Spiritual Cowboy in his or her own way. We are explorers, adventurers, wanderers, and romantics. We seek experiences, connections, and ways to express our own unique place in the world. Most importantly, we believe a life well-lived is a life lived on your own terms – and we are here to outfit you for whatever that life may be.