The story goes that Banderas Bay, or Bay of Flags, was named by the Spaniards who, upon arriving on its shores, encountered groups of natives carrying spears and waving flags of different colors, ready to defend their territory from conquest.

It’s easy to see why the natives fought for this land. Clear blue water stretches for miles and miles. Lush mountains melt into the sea. It is truly paradise.

The Paradise Village Resort sits on the border between Nayarit and Jalisco in Banderas Bay, welcoming boats into the Nuevo Vallarta Channel. Sailors often spend the winter months there, soaking up the amenities before heading back out to sea. Some take refuge in the bay’s protected waters, waiting out hurricane season’s last storm. No matter what brings you there, the calm of the bay gets in your blood, and people walk around Paradise with a certain lightness.

That feeling can be hard to leave and the Spiritual Cowboy crew spent a few months at Paradise, toasting to their good fortune the entire time.

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