The Mexican port of Huatulco is where the foothills of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. It is home to rich moles, quesillo-topped tlayudas, and lots and lots of mezcal. Among Mexicanos, Huatulco is known as a vacation hotspot, a place to soak up the sun on nine bahias, or bays, and more than 30 fabulous beaches.

Among sailors, however, Huatulco is known as the last refuge before crossing the notorious Gulf of Tehuantepec. Boats stop in Huatulco to wait for calm winds so they can cross the Mexican gulf known for its Tehuantepecers, or Tehuano winds, ferocious gales clocking in at 30 – 40 knots or more and bringing with them dangerous conditions and choppy seas.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the Spiritual Cowboy crew only spent two days in Huatalco before finding the weather window they needed to cross the Gulf of Tehuantepec and head off on their next adventure.

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