Usually, arriving in a new harbor means an inspection and a meeting with the Port Captain. But when the Spiritual Cowboy crew arrived in Colima, the universe had another meeting in mind.

The crew caught sight of a familiar face on the catamaran one slip over. The founder of the Panama Posse waved the new arrivals in and someone suggested a drink to celebrate the reunion.

Drinks were poured and acquaintances were made. More drinks were poured and the conversation turned to the idea of Spiritual Cowboy. It turns out the Panama Posse founder had been a website designer before setting out to sail full time and, a Spiritual Cowboy himself, he offered to help. Of course that called for another drink!

It was impossible to ignore the people and pieces that had somehow been brought together: a group of adventurers, an idea, and exactly what they needed to pull it off. So there in Colima, with the beauty of the Costalegre as a backdrop, the crew decided to launch Spiritual Cowboy.

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