Mito Tee
It starts with 15 bowls of salsa. A few cervezas, maybe some sangria. Then come the tacos. Lots of tacos. Everywhere you look, people are raising their glasses, leaning back with full bellies, and sinking into a buzz from hot chiles and generous pours.

Everyone is here to have a good time. And you’re going to want to join them.

The Mito-T Restacorante in Tapachula gives you that come-on-in-there-are-no-strangers-here feeling. The band wails in one corner and a group of friends shout at the Cafetaleros on TVs in the other. People gathered around a table throw back a round of shots and someone somewhere is belting out “Las Mañanitas.”

Every time the Spiritual Cowboy crew is in Tapachula, Mito-T is on the list. Kind of like your favorite t-shirt, the one with the v-neck that fits just right and has been worn perfectly soft, Mito-T just makes you feel good.

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