Barra de Navidad
The Panama Posse is a cruising rally of more than 350 boats traveling between Central America and Panama. Each vessel is on its own, but they share information and advice, report on conditions, and get together for really good parties.

It was at one of those parties that the Spiritual Cowboy crew found its final member.

The crew was about 100 miles north in Nuevo Vallarta when they heard about a Panama Posse kickoff party in Barra de Navidad. Not a group to turn down a good party, they untied their lines and headed south.

When the captain’s lady stepped off the boat in Barra, a man walked right up to her and asked if the captain would care if he poked her. Before she could respond, he held out a cotton swab and introduced himself as the founder of the Panama Posse and their official COVID test administrator.

He’d soon assume another title: Spiritual Cowboy. But there were miles to travel and adventures to be had before then.

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